What happens if I miss the deadline for trademark renewal?

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If you miss the deadline for trademark renewal, there are still a few options to save your trademark.

First, most jurisdictions have a "grace period" starting from the expiration date and lasting for six months. During this time, you can still apply for renewal. However, bear in mind you may be required to pay additional fees.

If you miss the grace period as well, your trademark will be considered dead, and you will lose protection. However, if you choose to reapply for the same trademark or if someone else attempts to get that trademark after it has been pronounced dead, some factors may tip the scales in your favour, such as actual commercial usage of the trademark and the length of the abandonment - the shorter, the better.

However, since the outcomes of these cases cannot be generally foreseen, and it involves a considerable amount of time to save a trademark, we advise renewing your trademark on time. Depending on the jurisdiction, you can start the process 6-12 months before expiration. If you want to get on top of it and spare yourself the headache, you can request a trademark renewal with us in just a few clicks.

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