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Igor is the founder and CEO of Trama. As an experienced attorney and a technology enthusiast, he dedicated his career to bringing the 21st century to the world of law. As a CEO himself, he understands the priorities of the entrepreneurs his company serves.

In his free time, Igor likes running, biking and spending time with his family and friends.


Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, SK

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chrome hearts

September, 20235 minutes read

Chrome Hearts vs. Shein: Trademark Infringement in the Fast-Fashion Industry

Аashion trends change at the speed of light, offering affordable and accessible clothing and accessories to consumers worldwide. However, the convenience and affordability of fast fashion come at a price for many luxury brands, who often find themselves battling issues like trademark infringement. One such legal battle has recently come into the spotlight, as the renowned luxury label Chrome Hearts takes on fast-fashion giant Shein. Chrome Hearts has filed a lawsuit, accusing Shein of trademark infringement and unfair competition, claiming that this has resulted in significant financial and reputational harm.


September, 20235 minutes read

Porsche's electric car sound trademark rejected by the EUIPO

In a world increasingly defined by visual branding, a quieter but no less profound revolution is taking place—one that centers on the power of sound. In this soundscape of innovation, the concept of sound trademarks has emerged as a novel frontier in intellectual property. German sports car manufacturer Porsche recently found itself embroiled in a trademark dispute that not only underscores the challenges of creating a unique electric vehicle sound but also sheds light on the broader significance of sound trademarks in a rapidly changing automotive landscape.

impossible foods

September, 20235 minutes read

Personal Jurisdiction and Trademark Disputes: Impossible Foods, Inc. v. Impossible X, LLC

Personal jurisdiction is a crucial aspect of the legal system, determining whether a court has the authority to hear a case involving a particular defendant. In the realm of intellectual property disputes, such as trademark cases, the question of personal jurisdiction can be complex and contentious. The case of Impossible Foods, Inc. v. Impossible X, LLC offers some new insight into this legal concept.

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