What is the difference between the ™ symbol and the ℠ symbol?

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Both the ™ symbol and ℠ symbol are used to denote a trademark that hasn't been registered with an intellectual property office (yet). Conversely, the ® sign is used for trademarks that have been successfully gone through the official registration process.

The difference is the ™ symbol is used to denote product marks, while the ℠ symbol is used in connection with services. The ℠ sign is more commonly used in the US, where it's usually recommended to use the ™ sign for product marks, the ℠ sign for services, and the ™ sign for businesses offering both.

However, note that the usage of these symbols is not governed by the law in any way (contrary to the usage of the ® sign), and they present more of a tool for entrepreneurs to signal their intent to obtain a registered trademark.

You can find more information about these three symbols in this article.

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