I have already got three trademarks for our brand in the UK. What is the best way to expand the brand protection in the US?

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Senior Trademark Attorney

If you wish to extend your trademark protection into a single new country, the best way would be to simply file a new application with the local IP office. Please note that in the case of the United States, if you aren't a resident, you'll need a US-licensed attorney to represent you.

Please also keep in mind that a successful registration in the UK doesn't mean your application will automatically be successful in the US. Firstly, it will be examined by a different government agency - the USPTO, which follows a different set of rules and practices than the UKIPO in the UK. And secondly, part of the registration process involves allowing the owners of previously registered trademarks to come forward and oppose the new application, and in the US, you might be opposed by brands you haven't encountered in the UK.

Therefore, assessing the risk level before filing your application in a new country is crucial. Feel free to request our free lawyer's check to assess your chances of a successful registration in the US. If you then wish to proceed, our US team is ready to assist you.

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