Should I register both the name and the logo as a trademark?

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If you would like your brand to be 100% protected, it is recommended to register both. But the best course of action depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • How you use your wordmark/logo in your marketing, commercial materials, website and any other visual presentation.
  • Whether your logo and name are actually registrable. Mainly names tend to have a higher chance of refusal. Alternatively, you can submit a mark which will combine your logo with your brand name, but that can have its own drawbacks - you will only be permitted to use the trademark as registered, which will offer you less freedom in using your trademark, and the protection for the individual elements within the mark is not 100%.
  • Budget, as you'd have to pay for two separate applications (unless you decide to submit one combined mark).

You can find a detailed comparision of registering a logo, name, or both in our article Name versus logo as a trademark.

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