What is the best way to register a trademark in multiple countries?

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If you are looking for international registration, you have two options:

  • registering your trademark via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), or
  • applying in each of your selected countries individually.

If you choose the WIPO route, you can apply in any of WIPO's 193 member states. However, your application has to be based on an existing application or registration from a contracting country (a so-called basic trademark). You don't have to wait until the basic trademark is fully registered to be able to file your international application; a pending application is sufficient. The international application has then to be filed through the office of origin. Filing via WIPO might be beneficial since there is no need to pay for translations or hire a representative in every country where you wish to register your trademark.

If you don't want to go through WIPO, you might consider applying separately in each country. In many jurisdictions, hiring a local attorney to prepare and file the applications on your behalf might be necessary. You can leverage the services of registration providers such as Trama, who can help you register your trademark in multiple countries at once.

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