Why should I register a trademark?

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Senior Trademark Attorney

Trademarks help businesses protect their intellectual property by preventing others from using identical or confusingly similar elements in their brand names/logos, which can result in consumer confusion in the market and harm both the company's reputation and bottom line.

A registered trademark also gives its owner legal enforcement options, such as the right to report infringement on certain platforms (Instagram, Amazon, etc.), send cease and desist letters and even escalate matters in court.

Also, suppose you own a trademark, and someone tries to register an identical or confusingly similar mark in the same country. In that case, you have the right to object to the registration, which can stop the other party from launching an infringing product/service in the same market.

To sum up: Around 85% of brands report being victims of infringement, and a trademark is one effective tool in an entrepreneur's arsenal when fighting back.

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