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Key indicators on the importance of brands

A cross-sectional survey with a representative sample of 10,000 consumers was used to assess the consumers' attitudes towards the extent to which a brand influences their purchase behaviour and their willingness to pay premium prices.

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    Perceived importance of brand

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November, 20235 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Organisation of muscular dystrophies in Slovakia / Belasý motýľ

“I think our case can serve as a warning to other NGOs. In the non-profit sector, we don’t tend to think about trademarks, logos, and these things that seem more business-oriented. But it’s very important for us to think about them. Because after you have spent years and years building your community of clients, supporters, donors and volunteers, then if something were to endanger that, it could seriously harm your financial streams and destabilise your whole organisation.” Read the whole story of Organisation of muscular dystrophies in Slovakia (OMDvSR) from the perspective of its Chairperson, Andrea Madunova, and learn why NGOs also need to think about brand protection and how a cease and desist letter can help you stand your ground while avoiding lengthy and demanding lawsuits.


September, 20235 minutes read

Greenpeace vs. Rugby World Cup: Trademark Infringement or Fair Use?

With the Rugby World Cup in France just around the corner, Greenpeace has launched a campaign titled "TotalPollution: A Dirty Game" to criticize TotalEnergies' sponsorship of the tournament. Central to this campaign is a video that prominently features the trademark "Rugby World Cup France 2023," owned by Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL). In response, RWCL has issued a cease and desist letter, alleging trademark infringement. Greenpeace, however, asserts that European trademark law permits the use of registered trademarks by third parties for non-commercial purposes. This case raises intriguing questions about "fair use" and the boundaries of trademark law.

net positive

August, 20235 minutes read

Trademarks and Sustainability: How Eco-Friendly Brands Leverage Intellectual Property for Positive Impact

In an era characterized by growing environmental concerns, the intersection of business and sustainability has become increasingly important. Eco-friendly practices are not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage for companies looking to resonate with conscious consumers. In this landscape, trademarks have emerged as powerful tools that eco-friendly brands can harness to drive positive impact while also protecting their identity and values.


November, 20225 minutes read

Who owns BLM and MeToo trademarks? Protecting social movements through intellectual property law

Slogans such as Black Lives Matter and MeToo hold an immense amount of power and influence, because of the deeply human stories that they are trying to convey. And there is no shortage of people who would like to profit from these stories. Do trademark principles allow entities associated with movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo to trademark their slogans so that they can prevent other entities from commercially profiting from using it?


November, 20225 minutes read

Brands and environmentalism: EUIPO study reveals surge in 'green' trademarks

Increasing environmental concerns lead to shifting consumer behavior, and many brands address these concerns by registering ‘green’ trademarks. The results of the study conducted by EUIPO in 2021 found a 900% increase in green trademarks being filed, demonstrating that “growing interest in sustainability is indeed reflected in the EUTMs filed at the EUIPO [1]. Read about the current green trademark trend in the EU in this article.

margot-richard-NJJ7paSBO-c-unsplash 1

October, 20215 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Art4Change

Art4Change is an inspiring company that seeks to serve the people & the planet by sharing art and beauty in unique and valuable ways. This social enterprise founded by Angela Jackson and Ulrike Streifler offers something that we need a lot more of in this world and it is our great pride that it was Trama that helped Art4Change secure its trademark, protecting the uniqueness of this brand that brings a remarkable spin on modern art in a sustainable way!

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