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Key indicators on the importance of brands

A cross-sectional survey with a representative sample of 10,000 consumers was used to assess the consumers' attitudes towards the extent to which a brand influences their purchase behaviour and their willingness to pay premium prices.

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    Perceived importance of brand

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    Willingness to pay premium for brand

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August, 20225 minutes read

Should you trademark your domain name?

Intellectual property of a brand does not end with its name or logo, but can also cover domain name. If you want to reinforce your brand name and ensure visibility of your business online, you should consider trademarking your domain name.


February, 20225 minutes read

Trademark perspective on NFTs: New, Fabled and Thrilling

$40 billion estimated market value and 1,000+ fold increase in the number of trademark applications. Those are some of the breathtaking facts about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have captured substantial attention from the public, regulators, established brands and last but not least, IP specialists. This article presents a trademark perspective on NFTs, exploring this novel phenomenon and emerging issues.


August, 20213 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Comfier Sleep

The story of Karolis Dieliautas, the founder of Comfier Sleep, reveals that environmental sustainability and exceptional quality of a product can in fact go hand in hand, resulting in a brand loved by the customers and definitely worth protecting.


July, 20213 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Natural Health Store

Adversity gives rise to greatness. The very idea to launch Natural Health Store came from facing the risk of redundancy. Nowadays, this family-owned business has created brand recognition worth protecting.


July, 20213 minutes read

Stories of our clients: Mooday Memos

Have you ever had a day at work that just didn’t seem to end? Mooday Memos can help brighten your mood with the colourful and sassy stationery sold under this brand! Together with Nita Ukkonen, the founder of Mooday Memos, we explore the origins of this remarkable idea as well as the importance of brand protection.

tech-daily-pz L0YpSVvE-unsplash

May, 20215 minutes read

Stories of our clients: VARelayTech

Gaining access to Amazon Brand Registry is one of the key reasons why our clients consider trademark registration. VAReleyTech, run by Adrian Vizireanu, is one of the retailers you can find on Amazon platform and it was this promise in combination with the desire to protect own creations that led him to register the trademark with Trama.


January, 20215 minutes read

Amazon brand registry and trademark requirement

In May 2017, Amazon introduced its Brand Registry with the goal of enhancing the protection and performance of brands selling on Amazon. Registered trademark is one of the key requirements for enrolling in this program. This article reviews the main benefits as well as provides an overview of the trademark registration process necessary to benefit from the advantages offered as part of Amazon Brand Registry.


January, 20215 minutes read

Stories of our clients: EMI

Jana Cicmanová, the founder of EMI, is yet another satisfied client of Trama. Her story of creating a successful Slovak brand that enhances the comfort in thousands of homes through unique textile products is worth reading and we firmly believe that it will be inspirational for your brand protection efforts.


January, 20213 minutes read

Getting your hosting back!

Is the ideal hosting domain for your brand already taken? Learn more about the situations in which a successful registration for a trademark can help you to regain control of your online presence.

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