Are there any costs if a trademark dispute resolution is reached amicably?

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Written by Tomas Orsula

Senior Trademark Attorney

Yes, there may be costs associated with reaching an amicable resolution in a trademark dispute, although they might be relatively low compared to the costs of a prolonged legal battle.

Some potential costs to consider include:

  • Legal and Professional Fees: Even in an amicable resolution, you might still need to engage the services of trademark attorneys or other professionals to negotiate and draft the settlement agreement. While these costs are likely to be lower than those incurred during a full-blown legal dispute, they can still add up.
  • Negotiation Costs: Negotiating a settlement can take time and effort. The parties involved may need to invest resources in meetings, communications, and discussions to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.
  • Agreement Terms: The terms of the settlement agreement itself might involve concessions or commitments from both parties. These could include changes to your trademark usage, coexistence agreements, or other actions that could have associated costs.
  • Rebranding or Changes to Business Practices: In some cases, an amicable resolution might require you to make changes to your branding, marketing materials, or business practices. This can entail costs related to design, production, and implementation of these changes.
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