What does "Identification of Goods/Services" in my office action mean?

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When the USPTO issues an office action requesting clarification or changes to the Identification of Goods/Identification of Services, it means they have uncovered issues, inconsistencies, or uncertainties in the way you've described the products or services for which you are seeking trademark protection.

The USPTO usually issues this type of office action if the terms are vague, contradictory, not related to the trademark and its intended use, potentially deceptive, or otherwise inaccurate.

In the office action, the examiner will provide their reasoning for seeking clarification/amendment and offer goods and/or services items they deem more appropriate for describing your trademark. Often, all you'll have to do is amend your goods and/or services list accordingly. However, we'd still advise you to consult this office action with an experienced trademark attorney. Your goods and/or services items define the scope of your protection for the future, and it's important to understand how the change in goods and/or service items will impact that protection.

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