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“We focus on making simple and delicious chocolate, ethically sourced and without additives. That’s the real alchemy where you take something that does not exist and turn it into a reality that people can see, taste, touch and smell.” Jose and Julie first met in Culinary School in Seville and it has been their dream come true to establish Eonce Chocolate, a delicious brand proudly protected by Trama.


Jan Buza

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From culinary school and Michelin star restaurants to dream come true

Jose Luis Jara Fernandez, the founder of Eonce Chocolate, has been born and raised in the south of Spain. He met Julie, the co-founder and a pastry chef, in 2004 at the Culinary School in Seville. It has been their joint “passion for food” that has clearly defined their path through life. Following nearly a decade of perfecting their mastery in different bakeries and Michelin star restaurants throughout Spain, they decided to move to London in 2014.

“Eonce Chocolate is a dream come true for us,” explains Jose. “It offers an experience of alchemy where you take something that does not exist and turn it into a reality that people can see, taste, touch and smell. That’s real alchemy, and it’s incredibly inspiring to do.”

“The inspiration came from the idea to make real chocolate - simple and delicious, ethically sourced and without additives. This translates into everything we do, from sourcing and processing, towards wrapping all Eonce Chocolate products in a 100% biodegradable packaging.”

Branding shapes consumer choices

Trama has carried out a comprehensive survey exploring the extent to which brand influences consumer choices, preferences and shapes their willingness to pay premium prices for their favourite brands. In the context of the gastronomy sector, it is the brand that influences these choices to a large extent (29%). Branding is also what makes Eonce Chocolate stands out from its competitors, clearly communicating the taste, quality and sustainable nature to the end customers, easing their decision making process.

Success often breeds envy and we have seen numerous examples of a successful brand being copied and infringed upon by copycats. Trademark registration offers an effective way to mitigate this potential risk, ensuring that the successful brand loved by the customers can enjoy uninterrupted growth.

“We started thinking about brand protection about a year ago. The main reason was to make sure we are protected from other companies.”

Experience with Trama

Just like our team of trademark attorneys would not dare to produce such great chocolate as Eonce Chocolate, it was the decision of Jose to rely on a trusted partner to make sure that trademark registration goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

“It was a very good experience. Nice professionals and very quick process.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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