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What is the price of an additional trademark class in the US?

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The price for an additional trademark class in the US is the same as the base price - $250 for a TEAS Plus application and $350 for a TEAS Standard application. This unified pricing is a feature unique to the US. In most countries, the base price (which includes one class of goods and services) differs from the price for extra classes.

TEAS Plus uses a pre-approved list of goods and services the applicant chooses from. Custom items are not allowed. This application type is more suitable if your items can be found in the Goods and Services ID Manual. Not only is this application type cheaper, but it has an overall lower refusal rate. TEAS Standard is advisable to those applicants whose goods and services items aren't listed in the manual.

Please remember that this is only the government fee paid to the USPTO directly. If you are not filing your application yourself, but use services provided by an attorney, a law firm, or an online legal service, additional costs will apply. This representation is required if you are not a US resident, but you are free to choose your representation.

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