Does a word mark include the typeface it's written in?

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No, a word mark does not include the typeface. A word mark includes plain words or numbers without stylisation, size, visuals, or graphics.

Let's say you apply for the word mark "Lion consulting" (plain text) for financial consulting services. Once you obtain the registration, the words "Lion consulting" will have 100% protection. This means you can apply any typeface or font to them in the future.

Additionally, if anyone uses "Lion consulting" with a specific typeface in the area of financial consulting, you'll have legal grounds to stop them. Even though the third party uses a particular typeface, this is considered an infringement. However, this applies only to those countries where you hold your trademark registration.

If you wish to file your brand/product name with a specific typeface to protect that visual stylisation, it is possible. However, the application must be filed as a logo trademark, not a word mark.

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