Are there any costs associated with specimen submission?

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The answer depends on the time of the specimen submission.

If you file a "use in commerce" application, you must include a valid specimen in your submission. In this case, no additional fees are associated with submitting the specimen. However, to be able to file with a "use in commerce", you must be commercially active in the US market. Your goods/services must be sold in the US, shipped to the US, or available to your US customers.

If you have no commercial activity in the US market when filing your application, you will be requested to provide the specimen later. You will receive the notification (called the "Notice of Allowance") approximately a year after the filing date.

You will have to submit a specimen and pay an additional $100 for each class listed on your trademark application. In addition, if you use a legal representative to submit the specimens on your behalf, they might charge additional service fees.

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