How do I know if I should add Class 35 - Retail?

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If you plan to set up a shop or a marketplace that sells products by other brands, Class 35 would be the best fit for you. If you sell products under your own brand, Class 35 is not necessary.

In case you sell your own products and goods by other brands as well, you will need Class 35 to cover the marketplace and a Class that specifically covers your own goods.

Let's make an example. You have a skincare company. On your website, you offer a wide range of products, including perfumes by many well-known brands, together with your own skincare line. In this case, you would opt for Class 35, which would cover the marketplace aspect of your business, and Class 3, which includes cosmetic products (your brand).

If you are unsure what classes to select for your trademark application, try our free lawyer's check, where our lawyers recommend classes based on your business offering.

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