Can I prevent others from opposing my trademark?

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Written by Igor Demcak

Founder & Trademark Attorney

Although you cannot fully prevent others from opposing your trademark application, you can take steps to decrease the level of risk.

First, to decide on your next steps, you have to know who could potentially oppose your application. For this reason, we recommend brand owners perform a trademark search to identify identical and similar trademarks in their country of interest.

Once you know who you are up against, your options might include:

  • Preemptively changing the trademark (brand name, logo) itself, if possible.
  • Limiting the goods and services listed on the application.
  • Proceeding with the filing anyway. This option depends on your level of risk tolerance. It's worth mentioning that receiving an opposition doesn't have to mean your application will get rejected automatically. There are ways in which you can respond to an opposition.

We recommend discussing the best course of action with your legal representative.

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