Does the name have to be included in the logo trademark?

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No, the name does not have to be included in a logo trademark. A logo trademark primarily focuses on protecting the unique visual elements, design, or graphical representation of the logo itself, rather than the specific wording or name.

Logo trademarks are distinct from word marks, which specifically protect the textual representation of a brand name, slogan, or other wording. While a logo can incorporate the brand name or text as part of its design, it is not a requirement for a logo trademark.

In some cases, a logo may be designed to be purely graphic or abstract, without any textual elements. These purely visual representations can still function as trademarks and provide protection for the unique visual identity they create.

However, it's worth noting that including the brand name within the logo can help reinforce the association between the logo and the brand. It can also provide additional protection for the brand name when used in conjunction with the specific logo design.

When registering a logo trademark, it's important to consider whether protecting the brand name as a word mark or combination mark separately is necessary to secure comprehensive trademark protection for the wording itself, regardless of its inclusion within the logo.

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