What is the difference between a word and a figurative mark?

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A word mark consists of plain text, which includes a word or multiple words. A word mark can range from a brand name to a product name. In some cases, it is also possible to register a slogan or a tagline. Generally, it is quite difficult to register a slogan, as it often fails to meet the requirements for successful registration. Slogans tend to be very generic and lack uniqueness when applied to goods and services.

A figurative mark or a logo mark always includes some form of a graphical element. It can be a specific font, a drawing or an icon. It is also possible to combine these elements into one logo mark, for example, a text with a custom font and an icon above. A stylized text is also considered a logo mark, as the text is not plain but includes a font. For this reason, it must be registered as a logo mark.

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