What is the Nice classification?

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The Nice classification was established by the Nice Agreement in 1957. It is a system that determines the international classification of different goods and services using 45 classes. The system was defined by WIPO and is updated every five years.

Goods are grouped between classes 1 and 34, services between classes 35 and 45. The system has been adopted by various countries and makes classifying different goods and services more streamlined.

For example, if you sell clothing and footwear, the most appropriate class is 25. Each of the 45 classes includes a long list of subclasses (i.e. "items") that you can choose from, to specify what goods and services you sell. There might be dozens of different subclasses (items), and this is why it is always paramount to choose the most fitting ones for your brand.

You can find the overview of all classes in this article.

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