How can I get my logo trademark to gain access to Amazon Brand Registry accelerator?

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Trademarking a logo to join the Amazon Brand Registry is no different from trademarking a logo for a different purpose, both in terms of requirements and the process. The only thing to keep in mind is you don't need the registration process to be complete to join - the application serial number you get after filing your trademark application is sufficient.

In terms of requirements, your logo will have to meet the following two criteria to be registrable:

  • It has to show a sufficient level of distinctiveness and cannot be generic or merely descriptive of the goods you are selling.
  • It cannot be too similar to any other already registered trademark in the country of your registration (it doesn't matter if the similar logo is used on Amazon or not)

You can use our free lawyer's check to see if your logo meets these criteria. If we uncover a brand with a similar logo in the corresponding trademark database, we will let you know and recommend appropriate next steps.

In terms of the process, here's a quick guide on how to register a logo trademark:

  • You will select a country from the list that Amazon accepts.
  • You will prepare and file an application with the country's intellectual property office. Be sure to submit the exact version of your logo that you will be using on Amazon, otherwise, you will get a trademark, but you won't qualify for the Brand Registry protection. In the application, you will also have to state the goods you sell. You can use the services of an attorney/law firm to take care of your application for you.
  • After filing, your application will be assessed by the IP office. This process can take several months. In the meantime, you will get an application number that you can submit to Amazon Brand Registry.

Bear in mind that if your application gets refused by the IP office, you will lose the protection on Amazon. Therefore, it's crucial to submit a correctly prepared application with a strong logo.

If you want to outsource the process, we have extensive experience helping Amazon sellers get their trademarks and join the Amazon Brand Registry. Check this page to see how this works, or use the free lawyer's check to get started.

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