Which is the more likely to be registered - logo or text?

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Determining whether a logo or text is more likely to be registered as a trademark depends on various factors, including the distinctiveness, uniqueness, and potential conflicts of the mark. Generally, text-based trademarks (wordmarks) have a higher likelihood of being registered compared to logo trademarks.

Text-based trademarks, such as brand names, slogans, or taglines, have the advantage of being easier to search, classify, and evaluate for potential conflicts with existing trademarks. They are often considered more straightforward in terms of meeting the criteria for trademark registration, especially if the chosen text is distinctive, unique, and not generic or descriptive of the goods or services being offered.

On the other hand, logo trademarks may face additional challenges during the registration process. Logo trademarks require a unique design that distinguishes them from other existing logos in the marketplace. Trademark offices closely examine the design elements, colors, and visual aspects of logo trademarks to determine if they are distinctive enough to warrant trademark protection. Similarities with existing logos or common design elements in the relevant industry may increase the likelihood of rejection or opposition.

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