How can I search for similar trademarks?

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You can search for competing trademarks yourself using the database of the intellectual property office of the country of your interest. Trademark registries are publicly available, so you should be able to find yours on the IPO website or via Google.

However, we have to point out that members of the general public usually only search for trademarks identical to theirs, which doesn't provide a complete picture of your registration chances. In reality, your application will be threatened not only by identical but also by similar trademarks.

The concept of similarity within trademark law is fairly complex, as the answer to what makes two marks similar or dissimilar is not straightforward. Therefore, we recommend seeking professional help from a trademark attorney or a law firm that will know what similarities to look out for in your competition. Moreover, they will have access to more refined search tools on top of the database.

If you are interested in uncovering brands that could pose problems to your application, check out our trademark search which we offer free of charge with a result within 24 hours.

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