Can I hide the trademark owner details from the public?

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No, unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the trademark owner details from the public. Trademark registries are public by default, and it is compulsory to provide trademark holder information, namely the name of the trademark owner and the official address.

There are two main types of trademark holders: a physical person and a legal entity (company). Moreover, sole traders (self-employed people) can also become trademark owners. Such entities are categorised under the first type of trademark holder - physical person. In the case of legal entities, the owner will be asked to enter the official address where the company currently resides.

In some jurisdictions, it is possible to enter a PO Box address instead of your home address. However, if you wish to register as a physical person in the US and do not want to provide your home address, it is no longer possible to provide a PO Box address instead.

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