How does trademark surveillance protect my brand?

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A trademark surveillance service monitors various channels, such as trademark databases, business registers, social media, web domains, and more. This helps brand owners stay in the loop about any unauthorized use of their brand. Given the vastness of the online space and the global market, it's nearly impossible for a brand owner to catch every instance of their brand being copied. That's where surveillance services come in handy by notifying them when such incidents occur.

When you subscribe to such a service, you'll get regular reports delivered to your email. After receiving a report, you can go through it, check for any concerning findings, and then decide on the necessary steps to protect your brand. The actions you take will depend on the specific situation. For instance, if someone tries to register a trademark that's too similar to yours, you can raise an opposition against it during the opposition window. Or, if a new business with a name resembling yours emerges, it might not be infringement per se, but you could send them a notice to make them aware of your trademark, preventing them from using a similar mark for their future products or services.

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