What trademark class is needed for baby products?

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Since baby products are a broad category, you might consider different classes depending on your offering.

  • Class 3 - Body cleaning preparations for babies, bath preparations, skin, hair, eye, and nailcare related products
  • Class 5 - Baby food and vitamins, baby diapers and nappies, and other medicated products such as medicated powders or oils
  • Class 8 - Baby cutlery
  • Class 9 - Electronic baby monitoring devices, alarms, monitors, and baby scales
  • Class 10 - Feeding aids and pacifiers, for example, baby bottles, or teething rings
  • Class 11 - Heaters for bottles and baby food
  • Class 12 - Vehicles (+ parts) and conveyances such as baby strollers or carriages
  • Class 16 - Stationary and printed materials, for example, books
  • Class 18 - Baby luggage and bags
  • Class 20 - Baby furniture, walkers, gates
  • Class 21 - Baby finger toothbrushes and bathroom fittings
  • Class 24 - Blankets and bed linen
  • Class 25 - Clothing
  • Class 27 - Baby crawling mats
  • Class 28 - Swings and toys such as rattles
  • Class 31 - Malts and unprocessed cereals
  • Class 45 - Babysitting services

If you want to find out what classes to select on your trademark application, you can try our Class Assist. We also offer a free lawyer's check, where our lawyers recommend classes based on your business description.

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