How do I register a trademark to access Amazon Brand Registry?

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There is no difference in the process of trademark registration for the purpose of gaining access to Amazon Brand Registry and any other purpose, such as protecting the uniqueness of your brand in general. Each trademark application needs to define the specific goods and services offered under the particular brand and needs to be filed with a respective intellectual property office (IPO). Furthermore, for a trademark registration to be successful, the trademark needs to display sufficient levels of distinctiveness, both in terms of avoiding being overly descriptive and in terms of not being confusingly similar to other already registered trademarks.

One important thing to keep in mind when registering a trademark mainly for the purpose of gaining access to Amazon Brand Registry is the fact that the name / logo defined on the trademark application needs to match exactly the brand you are wishing to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.

Full details about trademark registration and Amazon Brand Registry can be found in our article. Once you are ready to proceed, the best place to start would be with our free lawyer's check that allows you to gain a better insight into the potential risks involved in trademark registration.

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