Would the risk of registering a word trademark be higher than registering a logo trademark?

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Written by Jan Buza

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The risk associated with registering a word trademark versus a logo trademark is not inherently higher for one or the other. The level of risk depends on various factors, such as the distinctiveness of the mark, potential conflicts with existing trademarks, and the specific industry in which the mark will be used.

When registering a word trademark, the risk may be influenced by the chosen words or phrases. Generic or descriptive terms can be more challenging to register and may face objections from trademark offices due to their lack of distinctiveness. These marks may encounter more potential conflicts with existing trademarks in the same industry, which can increase the risk of refusal or opposition.

On the other hand, logo trademarks can also pose risks if the design elements are not unique or if they closely resemble existing logos in the marketplace. A logo that is too generic or similar to other logos may face challenges during the registration process. Additionally, if the logo contains elements that are common to the industry, there is a higher likelihood of encountering conflicts with existing trademarks.

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