Can I register an EU trademark as a non-EU resident?

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Written by Jan Buza

Co-founder of Trama

Yes, you can register a trademark even if you aren't a permanent resident of the European Union.

A trademark registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is specific since it protects the registered brand in all 27 European Union member states. Such a trademark is recommended for persons or legal entities with their business activity spread in one or more European Union member states.

If you only need protection in a specific European Union country, an application can be filed with the national IP Office.

Generally speaking, an European Union trademark (EUTM) is more expensive and can be more complicated to get since owners of similar trademarks from every member country can oppose the registration. On the other hand, it will cost you approximately the same as registering in 2-3 European countries.

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