Can I do both word and logo trademark at the same time?

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Yes, you can file applications for both a word trademark and a logo trademark at the same time. The process of registering trademarks typically involves submitting separate applications for each mark. This allows you to seek protection for both the textual elements (word mark) and the visual representation (logo mark) associated with your brand.

When filing for both types of trademarks simultaneously, you will need to provide the required information and documentation for each application. This includes details about your brand name, slogan, or tagline for the word mark application, and the visual representation of your logo for the logo mark application.

It's important to note that filing separate applications for word and logo trademarks may require additional fees, as the registration process and examination are conducted separately for each mark. However, registering both types of trademarks concurrently can offer comprehensive protection for your brand, ensuring that both the textual and visual elements are legally protected.

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