What trademark class should I choose for e-commerce?

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Since e-commerce describes the method of sales/distribution that can be applied to a variety of goods and services, the recommended class will depend on what your e-commerce business offers.

However, commonly recommended classes for e-commerce include:

  • Class 35 - This class includes items related to business administration, business management and advertising.
  • Class 9 - This class is suitable for businesses producing scientific devices, media content or software.
  • Class 42 - This class covers services focused on technology and IT.

Bear in mind you don't have to select just one class on your application. Sometimes, what a business offers (and what you will likely seek trademark protection for) is best described by a combination of classes.

If you want to know what classes to select for your business, you can try our Class Assist. We also offer a free lawyer's check, where our lawyers recommend classes based on your business description.

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