If I need to limit classes or item on my trademark application, do I have to submit a new one?

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If you need to limit the classes or items listed in your trademark application, you typically do not need to submit a completely new application. Instead, you can usually make amendments or modifications to your existing application to reflect the desired changes.

The specific process for amending an application can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the stage of the application process. In most cases, you will need to file a formal request with the trademark office to amend the application. This request may require you to provide a clear explanation of the changes you wish to make, including the classes or items you want to remove or modify.

Some trademark offices may allow for voluntary amendments to the application before it is examined, while others may require you to wait until after the examination process has begun. It's important to consult the guidelines or regulations of the specific trademark office where you filed your application to understand the requirements and procedures for making amendments.

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