I am selling precious stones, artificial jewellery, gemstones, beads, etc. What classes should I register my trademark under?

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Based on the Nice classification, in order to cover precious stones, artificial jewellery, gemstones, and beads, you will only need one class of goods and services - 14. Class 14 includes a number of subclasses, all of which cover the above-listed goods.

In case you sell beads for handicraft work, or beads other than for making jewellery, you can consider adding Class 26. However, adding an extra class will result in higher fees charged by the respective IP office.

When selecting a class of goods and services, you will always be asked to select one or multiple subclasses that describe your goods or services. In the US, you will also be asked to provide a specimen that proves that you sell the items in the US market, one specimen for each class.

If you want to find out what classes to select for your brand, you can try our Class Assist. We also offer a free lawyer's check, where our lawyers recommend classes based on your business description.

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