Does the risk associated with the registration increase with the number of classes?

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Yes, it does. The more classes of goods and services you choose, the higher the chances of receiving an opposition.

Generally, if there is a very similar trademark, the owner will have legal grounds to oppose your application based on the similarity between the marks. Since similarity is also evaluated based on the likeness of goods/services, which are represented by classes, the more classes you choose, the higher the chance of overlapping with other already existing trademarks.

Before applying for a trademark application, it is advisable to perform a trademark search. The search will help you determine if any similar or identical marks are registered in the classes you wish to include in your trademark application. You can perform the search yourself, using various trademark databases, or ask a professional to do it for you. We offer trademark search free of charge.

You should also make sure that the classes you choose are correct and that your goods and services can be properly categorized. Please keep in mind that the final price for the trademark application depends on the number of classes of goods/services you choose.

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