Could going through WIPO cause any issues for our global trademark registration?

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Written by Tomas Orsula

Senior Trademark Attorney

Similar to any other IP office that would asses your application, going through WIPO doesn't automatically guarantee your trademark will be successfully registered.

The most notable WIPO-specific risk you should be aware of before choosing this option derives from the reliance on the "basic mark" - the registration/pending application from one of the member countries you will use as a basis for filling in the rest of your selected jurisdictions.

If you apply while the registration of your basic mark is still pending and the application gets rejected, the rest of the WIPO applications will also be cancelled.

Moreover, your registration remains dependent on the basic mark for five years after registration, meaning if your basic mark gets cancelled or limited during this time, it will result in the cancellation or limitation of all the designations of the international registration.

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