Can we narrow the list of classes on trademark application to minimise the risk of opposition?

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Narrowing the list of classes on a trademark application can potentially minimize the risk of opposition and increase the chances of a smooth registration process. By focusing on the specific classes that directly relate to your goods or services, you reduce the likelihood of encountering conflicts with existing trademarks and objections from third parties.

When you narrow down the classes, you are being more precise and targeted in identifying the areas of business where you intend to use your trademark. This approach can help establish a stronger basis for distinctiveness and uniqueness because your mark will be closely aligned with a specific set of goods or services. It reduces the risk of confusion with existing marks in unrelated classes and strengthens your position during the examination process.

It's important, however, to strike the right balance. While narrowing the classes can minimize the risk of opposition, it should still accurately represent the goods or services you offer. Ensure that you do not overly restrict the scope of your trademark to the extent that it limits potential business expansion or creates gaps in protection for related goods or services.

You can not only narrow the list of classes in your trademark application but also use very specific terms within your goods and services list to exclude the business area of a potential opponent.

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