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Industry Selector

Selecting the relevant classes of goods and/or services when filing to register your trademark is a crucial yet complex and often confusing step that can have significant implications for the protection of your brand. All goods and services are divided into a system broken down into 45 different classes. Classes 1-34 are for goods and classes 35-45 are for services. 

Incorrect classification is also one of the most common mistakes people make when applying for a trademark. If you misclassify your goods and services, you could end up without the protection you need in your industry. In order to make the process easier, we created a user-friendly Industry Selector to help you choose relevant trademark classes for your brand. 

Here is how you can use it choose your trademark classes:

You choose a relevant industry for your business, for example, fashion industry.


Based on your industry choice, you can then pick a more specific sector, for example, clothing apparel


Based on these two selections you will be presented with a class that covers your goods and services


Choosing correct classes of goods and services to trademark is essential to get full trademark protection for your business. A qualified trademark professional can help guide you through the process to ensure your trademark application includes all necessary classes for successful registration.

Things to keep in mind 

  • You should choose goods and services that you wish to use the trademark for today, or that you plan to use it for in the near future. 

  • You pay an extra fee for each class you add to your application. 

  • It is not possible to add goods or a service after you have sent in the application. 

  • In the protection of self-made goods, sales and marketing of them are always included.

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