What can I submit as a specimen for services?

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A trademark specimen for services (classes 35-45) must show the use of the mark in the sale or advertising of the services. Unlike goods, services are intangible, so the specimens used for service marks are typically different from those used for trademarks associated with physical products. Here are some common examples of acceptable specimens for services:

  • Website screenshots,
  • Advertising materials, such as brochures, flyers, magazine ads or newspaper clippings,
  • Copies of invoices issued to clients,
  • Business stationery, such as letterheads or business cards,
  • Menus,
  • Photos of storefronts,
  • and more.

Besides choosing one of these formats, your specimen must also meet a few general requirements to be accepted. In our experience, website screenshots and promotional materials have the easiest time meeting all the criteria, which is why we usually recommend them to non-professionals.

For a complete list of requirements and specimen examples for services, visit our Specimen guide.

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