Should an entrepreneur monitor their trademark?

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Written by Tomas Orsula

Senior Trademark Attorney

Although arguably not for everyone, we believe entrepreneurs should at least consider trademark monitoring. The extent and method may then vary based on the budget, time constraints and preferences.

The question of whether entrepreneurs should monitor their trademarks ultimately boils down to the reason for getting a trademark in the first place. Some entrepreneurs get a trademark to enrol into the Amazon Brand Registry or because it's their potential investor's requirement. Or, they might be active in a less consumer-facing industry and not be too concerned about infringement because a similarly named brand wouldn't cause much harm to their bottom line.

However, for many businesses, a brand is an asset, and if someone were to copy it (run similarly looking ads, launch a website duplicate, or impersonate the company on social media), it could cause serious harm to the company. If the brand is a vital part of your business, trademark monitoring can uncover infringement in its early stages and, by that, help protect your company's reputation and revenue.

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