If someone tries to trademark a similar logo, will a trademark monitoring service let me know?

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Written by Jan Buza

Co-founder of Trama

Yes, trademark monitoring services commonly search for identical and similar marks filed with the selected country's IP office, and that also includes logos that might be visually similar to yours.

Class overlaps, goods and services items overlap, and mark transcription might also play a role in classifying a logo as potentially conflicting. This will depend on your provider and the criteria for selection you set with them.

From our observation, stricter rules tend to work better. There might be an impulse to go for looser similarity, so you don't accidentally miss out on anything. But we don't see this being the case with stricter classification criteria, plus the opposite approach usually gives you too many irrelevant results to go through. However, it's worth pointing out that you will most likely be able to try this out for yourself and then communicate your preferences to your provider.

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