How much does trademark surveillance cost?

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The cost of trademark surveillance depends on multiple factors, starting with whether you'll be surveilling your trademark manually yourself or using an automated service. If you choose the latter, this is what will generally influence the price of a trademark surveillance service:

  • Subscription type - monthly vs yearly.
  • Email report frequency - monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.
  • Surveilled channels - a trademark surveillance service can track different channels, including trademark registers, business registers, social media, web domains and online marketplaces. Different providers focus on different subsets of these, and the market includes a wide variety of solutions in terms of comprehensiveness.
  • The number of countries you want to cover.
  • Human involvement - many services combine technology with a human expert who takes the initial algorithmic export and then tailors the report before sending it to you.
  • The provider's portfolio - If the provider has a more complex offering and considers the surveillance service an add-on to their core proposal, this may influence the price.
  • Takedown inclusion
  • - Some surveillance services also include options to deal with the infringement they uncover. This may be included in the initial price of the solution or available at an extra rate.

If you are considering a trademark surveillance service, you may want to check out our competitive price list.

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