What is the price for 2 or more trademark classes in the US?

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Contrary to most jurisdictions that charge a base price for the application, which includes one class of goods and services, and a different price for each additional class, the US trademark pricing structure is quite straightforward. The price per class is the same no matter the number of classes; the only difference comes down to the choice of application type - TEAS Plus (for $250 per class) or TEAS Standard (for $350 per class).

TEAS Plus uses a pre-approved list of goods and services the applicant chooses from. Custom items are not allowed. This application type is more suitable if your items can be found in the Goods and Services ID Manual. Not only is this application type cheaper, but it has an overall lower refusal rate. TEAS Standard is advisable to those applicants whose goods and services items aren't listed in the manual.

Please note that this includes the government fees only. If you file your application through a representative (an attorney, law firm, or an online legal service), an additional fee for their services will apply.

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