Is it possible to register a trademark in one class at first, and then register another class(es) later?

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Written by Jan Buza

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Yes, it is possible to register a trademark in another class later; however, bear in mind that this would need to be a new application for a new trademark. You can't extend classes on a previously filed trademark. When filing a new application, you'll have to pay the fees again and wait for a proper un-shortened assessment of the 'new' mark.

Although it's not desirable, this can be a valid option for budget-cautious businesses who may choose to first file in one class that best describes the 'core' of the offering. For example, an e-commerce platform may decide not to register in Class 35 (covering e-commerce) and instead prioritize the class describing the product/services that are actually being sold.

On the other hand, if you know your offering will expand and cover goods/services from more classes in the future, you can consider getting a trademark in more classes now, if your budget allows it.

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