How soon can I get a proof of trademark registration for Amazon Brand Registry?

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Once you or your legal representatives file your trademark application, you will receive an official confirmation. The confirmation includes the name or the depiction of your trademark and your serial (application) number. You can use the number to track the progress of your application in a given trademark database.

The serial number also serves as proof of filing, which is accepted by Amazon. To access Amazon Brand Registry, your trademark does not have to be fully registered. Pending status is sufficient. However, if your trademark gets refused, you can no longer use the Amazon benefits.

Once you receive the serial number, you usually have to wait a couple of business days until the number is activated. When the number is activated, you can find your application under pending status by searching the trademark registry of your IP office. You can then use the number to become an Amazon Brand Registry member. If you try using the number earlier than the application appears in the database, you will receive an error when submitting it with Amazon.

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