PUMA SE v. Puma S.r.l


Case details

Plaintiff: PUMA SE

Defendant: Puma S.r.l

Case no.: R1399/2021-1

Jurisdiction: European Union

Industry: Fashion

Decision date: 27 Feb, 2023

Subject matter: ReputationCross appeal


A professional purchasing specialised medical equipment or specialised construction materials is unlikely to be influenced by an association with an image enjoyed by the earlier mark for sport apparel, and indeed no evidence to the contrary (or probability of the contrary occurring) has been adduced by the opponent’. The earlier marks enjoy reputation for sport apparel, footwear, and headgear. In this context, the earlier ‘PUMA’ is associated with speed, outdoor activities, agility. An example of the 2013 brand motto was ‘Forever faster’. Such an image will not be projected to the contested goods at issue where reliability and precision rather than speed and agility are valued.

Comparison of Trademarks