Links (London) Limited v. Unilever Plc

Links (London) Limited

Case details

Defendant: Unilever Plc

Case no.: O/141/01

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Industry: Retail

Decision date: 21 Mar, 2001


The opponents were proprietors of various registrations of the mark LYNX, in Class 3. They opposed the whole of the application in respect of Class 3 goods, and "atomisers and sprayers" in Class 14. The Hearing Officer found no objection to the mark under Section 3. Under Section 5(2)(b) he found a likelihood of confusion in respect of Class 3 goods, but none in respect of Class 14. Under Section 5(3) he found that the opposition failed, and made no finding under Section 5(4).

Comparison of Trademarks