Jaguar Land Rover Limited v. Suncoast Tire LLC

Jaguar Land Rover Limited


The goods of the opponent and of the applicant are the same or related in that the consumers of car parts and vehicles are the same. The opponent’s mark is reputed for land vehicles in Class 12. Therefore, the public in the United Kingdom, when seeing vehicles or their parts bearing the contested sign ‘LAND GOLDEN’, would be able to associate it with the earlier mark ‘LAND ROVER’. The contested mark would benefit from the power of attraction, the reputation and the prestige of the earlier mark for its own goods, which would attract the consumers’ attention thanks to the association with ‘LAND ROVER’, thereby gaining a commercial advantage over its competitors’ goods. The economic advantage would consist of exploiting the effort expended by the opponent to establish the reputation and the image of its earlier mark without paying any compensation in exchange.

Comparison of Trademarks



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