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WeCodePixels has been helping entrepreneurs with web and mobile development projects since 2014. Respecting the uniqueness of each and every client, the customer-centric focus of this IT development company is reflected in the satisfaction of its numerous clients, including Global O-Ring and Seal, Orange Amps, Men’s Health, FHM, among others. No matter how small or large the project is, WeCodePixels provides tailored solutions to aid web and mobile development from the initial idea to launch.


Jan Buza

As it is usually the case, the initial driving force for starting this business venture has come from its founder’s passion for web development. Liviu Cristian Mirea-Ghiban started his freelancing career in the field of web development at an early age. “I was driven to deliver the best results for my projects and as they became more and more numerous, I had to form a team to remain efficient. I did so by founding my own company called WeCodePixels in 2014 and we’ve been serving world-renowned clients and brands ever since.”

When it comes to web and mobile development, consumers are often spoilt for choice. So what WeCodePixels does differently that sets them apart from competitors? “We offer a balanced mix between implementing very modern technologies while also providing the best solutions for a given budget. By following agile methodologies we are also very flexible and quick to adapt to the business’s requirements.”

In February 2021, Trama has secured a combination of the EU, UK and US trademarks for WeCodePixels, ensuring that the uniqueness of this brand is well-protected on a global scale. Naturally, this brand protection strategy was preceded by the recognition of the importance of safeguarding the #1 asset. “I have been using my company’s brand and promoting it to my clients and on social media for over 6 years. At that point, I realized I needed to protect it after having put so much effort and resources into it.”

And how was the experience of Liviu Cristian Mirea-Ghiban with Trama? “Trama stood out by offering the services I required in a highly transparent and modern package. Their website was the first point of contact and it explained the entire process perfectly clearly. The team at Trama was very friendly and helpful, as they provided all the necessary documentation and assistance for me to quickly and successfully submit my trademark applications in multiple regions.”

Well-functioning team, strong brand and commercial success of WeCodePixels certainly provide inspiration for other entrepreneurs. “My general advice for entrepreneurs is to focus on your UVP (unique value proposition) and try to deliver it under a memorable brand from the very beginning. Clients will know to associate your services with your brand, and shortly afterwards you should start thinking of protecting it by submitting a trademark application. The process is simple but effective.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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