Trademark Watch

Uncover brands that could infringe on your trademark with an automated monitoring service.


Stop infringement before it even happens

Trademark owners need to stay vigilant for instances of brand infringement, which can come in many forms, including new trademark applications. The good news is that if a company applies for a trademark, it hasn't likely launched the product/service yet. By using Trademark Watch to monitor trademark registers and oppose confusingly similar marks, you can nip consumer confusion in the bud.

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How it works?

  • Select scope

    Select jurisdictions you would like to monitor.

  • Calibration

    We will calibrate the service so you are receiving relevant notifications.

  • All set!

    You will receive weekly email reports containing confusingly similar marks filed with the given IP offices.

Why monitor a trademark with Trama?

  • Global coverage

    Monitoring across 190 jurisdictions.

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    Global coverage

    Our monitoring covers 190 national IPOs, 50 US state IPOs and WIPO designating in included jurisdictions.

  • Weekly reports

    Never miss the opposition window.

    Weekly reports

    Weekly reports

    Even the best monitoring service is not enough if it notifies you only three days ahead of the deadline. Thanks to our weekly reports, you can rest assured that you'll always have plenty of time to respond.

  • Smart tech

    Using an industry-leading similarity algorithm to uncover 99% of confusingly similar marks.

    Smart tech

    Smart tech

    We use the best-in-class similarity algorithm which is able to go through thousands of applications weekly and return results filtered by statistical relevance.

  • Human touch

    Personal approach to set up your reports just right.

    Human touch

    Human touch

    The best results are achieved when technology assist humans rather than replaces them. Our team checks and amends the report before sending it to you so you don't have to go through irrelevant results.

What similarities do we check for?

  • identical names

  • phonetic similarity

  • misspellings

  • prefix & suffix variations

  • vowel & consonants

  • abbreviations

  • plurals & stemming

  • translations

What our clients say?

Stop infringement before it even happens