Register your trademark in three simple steps.

Continuous protection for your brand

Identify brand infringement attempts and potential risks thanks to our automated monitoring service


Our services

The price may vary based on the number of classes

  • Single country

    Single country

    from $20


    Continuous monitoring in one trademark register

  • Single region

    Single region

    from $30


    Continuous monitoring in one region (e.g. Europe)

  • Global monitoring

    Global monitoring

    from $30


    Continuous monitoring to meet your global brand protection needs

Why monitor?

Identify & quickly respond to potential threats

  • Discover trademark infringements before opposition window ends

  • Avoid losing rights due to delays or a lack of response

  • Limit risk and gain peace of mind

Strengthen & enforce your competitive position

  • Track trademark activities of your competitors

  • Deter others from filing similar trademarks

  • Stay a step ahead of the competition

How it works?

  • Trademark details

    Select service

    First, select the scope of the monitoring and countries in which you wish to be protected

  • Settings


    We will calibrate the service first, so you are not overwhelmed with irrelevant notifications

  • Pre-screened updates


    You will receive pre-screened updates related to your trademark via email or our customer portal