How does a trademark monitoring service protect my brand?

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A trademark monitoring service regularly screens online channels (e.g., trademark databases, business registers, social media, web domains, etc.) for instances of infringement. The online space and global market are too vast for a brand owner to know when their brand is being copied, and monitoring services can let them know if that happens.

In practice, if you sign up for such a service, you'll receive monitoring reports via email. You can then review the report, see if the results are relevant and then take appropriate steps to protect your brand. What those will be will depend on the case. For example, if someone files a trademark application for a mark confusingly similar to yours, you can oppose it during the opposition window. If it's a newly incorporated business with a name similar to yours, that by itself is not an infringement, but you may send them a notice warning them about your trademark so they don't launch a product or service labelled with a similar mark.

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